How to: Manually Modify a Prediction Query

After you design a query by using Prediction Query Builder in SQL Server Analysis Services, you can modify the query by switching to Query Text view on the Mining Model Prediction tab of Data Mining Designer. A text editor appears at the bottom of the screen to display the query that the query builder creates.


If you switch back to Design view from Query Text view, any changes that you made in Query Text view will be lost.

To modify a query

  1. On the Mining Model Prediction tab in Data Mining Designer in Business Intelligence Development Studio, click SQL.

    The grid at the bottom of the screen is replaced by a text editor that contains the query. You can type changes to the query in this editor.

  2. To run the query, on the Mining Model menu, select Result, or click the button to switch to query results.


    If the query that you have created is invalid, the Results window does not display an error and does not display any results. Click the Design button, or select Design or Query from the Mining Model menu to correct the problem and run the query again.