Import Package

Use the Import Package dialog box, available in SQL Server Management Studio, to import a Integration Services package and to set or modify the protection level of the package.


  • Package location
    Select the type of storage location to import the package to. The following options are available:

    SQL Server

    File System

    SSIS Package Store

  • Server
    Type a server name or select a server from the list.

  • Authentication
    Select Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication. This option is available only if the storage location is SQL Server.


    Whenever possible, use Windows Authentication.

    • Authentication type
      Select an authentication type.

    • User name
      If using SQL Server Authentication, provide a user name.

    • Password
      If using SQL Server Authentication, provide a password.

  • Package path
    Type the package path, or click the browse button (…) and locate the package.

  • Package name
    Optionally, rename the package. The default name is the name of the package to import.

  • Protection level
    Click the browse button (…) and, in the Package Protection Level dialog box, update the protection level. For more information, see Package Protection Level.