Configure SSIS Logs (Providers and Logs Tab)

Use the Providers and Logs tab of the Configure SSIS Logs dialog box to create and configure logs for capturing run-time events.


  • Provider type
    Select a type of log provider from the list.

  • Add
    Add a log of the specified type to the collection of log providers of the package.

  • Name
    Enable or disable logs for containers or tasks selected in the Containers pane of the Configure SSIS Logs dialog box, by using the check boxes. The name field is editable. Use the default name for the provider, or type a unique descriptive name.

  • Description
    The description field is editable. Click and then modify the default description of the log.

  • Configuration
    Select an existing connection manager in the list, or click <New connection...> to create a new connection manager. Depending on the type of log provider, you can configure an OLE DB connection manager or a File connection manager. The log provider for the Microsoft Windows Event Log requires no connection.

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  • Delete
    Select a log provider and then click Delete.