Detach Database (General Page)

Use this page to detach a user database.

To use SQL Server Management Studio to detach a database


When you detach a database by using SQL Server Management Studio, you can generate the corresponding Transact-SQL sp_detach_db script by clicking the Script button and then selecting a destination for the script.


  • Databases to detach
    Lists the databases to detach.

  • Database Name
    Displays the name of the database to be detached.

  • Drop Connections
    Disconnect connections to the specified database.


    You cannot detach a database with active connections.

  • Update Statistics
    Update out-of-date optimization statistics before detaching the database.

  • Keep Full-Text Catalogs
    Retains any full-text catalogs that are associated with the database.

    This option appears only when you are upgrading a database to SQL Server 2008. 

  • Status
    Displays one of the following states: Ready or Not ready.

  • Message
    The Message column may display information about the database, as follows:

    • When a database is involved with replication, the Status is Not ready and the Message column displays Database replicated.

    • When a database has one or more active connections, the Status is Not ready and the Message column displays <number_of_active_connections>Active connection(s) — for example: 1 Active connection(s). Before you can detach the database, you need to disconnect any active connections by selecting Drop Connections.

    To obtain more information about a message, click the hyperlinked text to open Activity Monitor.