Data Viewer

If a path is configured to use a data viewer, the Data Viewer displays the data buffer by buffer as data moves between two data flow components. You can create multiple data viewers for a data flow and attach a different data viewer depending on the kind of data you want to monitor. For example, you can create a grid data viewer for text columns, or a histogram data viewer for numeric columns.


  • Green arrow
    Click to display the data in the next buffer. If the data can be moved in a single buffer, this option is not available.

  • Detach
    Detach the data viewer.

    Note   Detaching a data viewer does not delete the data viewer. If the data viewer has been detached, data continues to flow through the path, but the data in the viewer is not updated to match the data in each buffer.

  • Attach
    Attach a data viewer.

    Note   When the data viewer is attached, it displays information from each buffer in the data flow and then pauses. You can advance through the buffers by using the green arrow.

  • Copy Data
    Copy data in the current buffer to the Clipboard.

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