Microsoft Generic Content Tree Viewer (Data Mining Designer)

The Microsoft GenericContent Tree Viewer displays detailed information about the contents of a data mining model. This information varies depending on the algorithm that was used, and might include columns, rules, properties, attributes, nodes, and formulas. For more information about model content, and how to interpret the information for each model type, see Mining Model Content (Analysis Services - Data Mining).

The information that is displayed in the viewer uses a common structure: the content schema rowset for mining models. The content schema rowset is a generic framework for storing patterns, statistics, and other contents of a data mining model. For a list of the columns in the data mining schema rowsets, see DMSCHEMA_MINING_MODEL_CONTENT Rowset.


  • Node caption (Unique ID)
    Displays a list of all the nodes in the selected mining model. Click the node to display details about the node in the Node details pane.

  • Node details
    Displays detailed information about the content of the selected node.