Select (Index) Columns Dialog Box

Use this page to add columns to the Index Properties General page when creating or modifying an index.

To access this dialog box, in Object Explorer, expand Databases, expand your database, expand Tables, expand your selected table, expand Indexes, right-click an index, and then click either New Index, or Properties. In the New Index or Index Properties page, click Add to open the Select Columns from <table name> dialog box.

  • Check box
    Select to add columns.

  • Name
    Name of the column.

  • Data Type
    The data type of the column.

  • Bytes
    The size of the column in bytes.

  • Identity
    Displays Yes for identity columns, and No when the column is not an identity column.

  • Allow Nulls
    Displays Yes when the table definition allows null values for the column. Displays No when the table definition does not allow nulls for the column.


Only one spatial column can be selected at a time. Other spatial columns, if any, become unavailable. To create another spatial index, whether on the same column or a different column, open the New Index dialog box again. For more information, see How to: Create a Spatial Index (SQL Server Management Studio).