About Implementing Database Engine Tuning Advisor Recommendations

A recommendation consists of Transact-SQL statements that can be executed to create new, more effective indexes or to drop ineffective indexes. Indexed views and partitioning can also be recommended on platforms that support their use. After Database Engine Tuning Advisor has suggested a recommendation, you can optionally:

  • Implement it immediately.

  • Implement it later by creating a Microsoft SQL Server job that executes a Transact-SQL script.

  • Save it to a Transact-SQL script and implement it later on a different server.

  • Modify it so to apply only a subset of recommendations.


Database Engine Tuning Advisor recommendations are based on the estimation of query execution costs that the SQL Server query optimizer makes. The actual improvements in query performance that result after applying Database Engine Tuning Advisor recommendations may be different than the estimated improvements that are displayed after Database Engine Tuning Advisor completes its analysis.