How to: Create a Server Group (SQL Server Management Studio)

Organize the servers in Registered Servers by creating server groups, and placing the servers in the server groups. You can create server groups in Registered Servers at any time, or you can create server groups when you register servers.

To create a server group in Registered Servers

  1. In Registered Servers, click the server type on the Registered Servers toolbar. If Registered Servers is not visible, click Registered Servers on the View menu.

  2. Right-click a server or a server group, point to New, and then click Server Group.

  3. In the New Server Group dialog box, in the Group name list box, type a unique name for the server group. The server group name must be unique for the current location in the Registered Servers tree.

  4. In the Group description list box, optionally type a friendly name that describes the server group, for example, "Finance Servers for Latin America."

  5. In the Select a location for the new server group box, click a location for the group, and then click Save.


    You can also create a new server group while you are registering a server by clicking New Group, and then completing the New Group dialog box.

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