DtsContainer.ForceExecutionResult Property

Gets or sets a DTSForcedExecResult enumeration value that specifies the forced execution result of the container.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS (in Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS.dll)


Public Property ForceExecutionResult As DTSForcedExecResult
Dim instance As DtsContainer
Dim value As DTSForcedExecResult

value = instance.ForceExecutionResult

instance.ForceExecutionResult = value
public DTSForcedExecResult ForceExecutionResult { get; set; }
property DTSForcedExecResult ForceExecutionResult {
    DTSForcedExecResult get ();
    void set (DTSForcedExecResult value);
member ForceExecutionResult : DTSForcedExecResult with get, set
function get ForceExecutionResult () : DTSForcedExecResult
function set ForceExecutionResult (value : DTSForcedExecResult)

Property Value

Type: Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.DTSForcedExecResult
A DTSForcedExecResult enumeration that reports the forced success or failure of the package or container. The default value of this property is None, which indicates that the container does not force its execution outcome.
You can use the ForceExecutionResult property on a task or container to test the use of checkpoints in a package. By setting ForceExecutionResult of the task or container to Failure, you can imitate real-time failure. When you rerun the package, failed task and containers will be rerun. For more information, see Restarting Failed Packages by Using Checkpoints.