How to: Create a New Report (Report Builder 1.0)

Before you can begin to create your report, you need to select a source of data and a report layout.

The source of data that you choose provides the metadata used to access the data in the underlying database. A database administrator makes the data source available to you on a report server or in a SharePoint library.

Report layouts provide an overall structure and organization to your report. You can select between three layouts: table, matrix, or chart. Once you select a report layout and start to create your report, the layout cannot be switched to a different layout. Instead, you must create a new report again by clicking the New button.


To access and store reports on a SharePoint site, your report server must be configured for SharePoint integrated mode. If you are unsure about your report server configuration, contact your database administrator.

To create a new report

  1. On the File menu, click New.

    Alternatively, on the Standard toolbar, click the New button.

  2. In the Getting Startedpane, click the Select a site or server link.

    The Open Report dialog box appears.

  3. In the Look in drop down list, select the site or server that you want to access.

    When selected, the Recent Sites and Server option lists the last 10 report servers and SharePoint sites that you have accessed. If the site or server is not listed, you can type the full path to a site or server in the Name box and Report Builder will attempt to locate it for you.

  4. Click Open.

    The Open Report dialog box closes and a list of available sources of data is displayed in the Getting Started pane.

  5. Select the source of data that you want to use.

  6. In the Report Layout area of the Getting Started pane, select a report layout.

  7. Click OK.

    The Getting Started pane closes, the report layout is displayed in the design area.