Save Report Dialog Box (Report Builder 1.0)

Use the Save dialog box to save your report to a report server or SharePoint library. To save your report, type a name for your report in the Name text box, and then click Save. Your report is saved to the location you specify where the report can be managed and published like any other report.


  • Look in
    By default, the report server or SharePoint site from which you started Report Builder is selected and the contents are displayed in the Look in list box. The Recent Sites and Servers option lists the last 10 report servers and SharePoint sites that you have accessed. If the site or server is not listed, you can type the full path to a site or server in the Name box and Report Builder will attempt to locate it for you.

    To open a report stored in a specific folder, select the folder in the Look in list box or navigate to the folder. Only Report Builder reports can be opened in Report Builder, even though all reports are listed.

  • Look in list box
    Displays the contents of the current report server or library. To navigate the Look in list box, double-click the folders. To open a report from the Look in list box, double-click the name of the report.

  • Name
    Type a name for your report. Optionally, you can select a report in the Look in list box to save the current report using the name of a previously saved report. When you click OK, you will be prompted with a message stating that a report with the same name already exists and asking if you want to overwrite it.

  • Items of type
    Select Reports to display only report files in the list box. Select All Items to display all file types in the list box.

  • Save
    Click to save the report to the report server or library using the information entered.