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SQL Server 

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Event ID


Event Source

Not applicable


Analysis Services Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdServer

Symbolic Name


Message Text

The plug-in assembly '%{plugin/}' raised the following exception when processing '%{event/}' event. %1[%{exception/}%]%[;%{exceptioninner/}%]


This message occurs when an unhandled exception is raised while processing the named event in the execution of a plug-in code.

User Action

In the source files for the plug-in code, review the code of the named event handler and look for any possible unhandled exceptions. Once you locate the possible unhandled exception, add a try{}/catch{} block to the event handler to handle the exception. Compile, redeploy, and test the plug-in assembly.

If you cannot locate a possible unhandled exception in the event handler, you must debug the plug-in code. For more information, see the topic, "Readme for Analysis Services Personalization Extensions sample," in Books Online.