Logical Architecture (Replication)

Replication uses a publishing industry metaphor to represent the components in a replication topology, which include Publisher, Distributor, Subscribers, publications, articles, and subscriptions. Although the magazine metaphor is useful for understanding replication, notice that SQL Server replication includes functionality that is not represented in this metaphor, specifically the ability for a Subscriber to make updates and for a Publisher to send out incremental changes to the articles in a publication. 

The following topics provide information on the logical architecture of replication:

  • Replication Publishing Model Overview
    Discusses the publishing industry metaphor used to represent the components in a replication topology.

  • Types of Replication Overview
    Contains overviews of the different types of replication and a discussion of how to select the appropriate type of replication to best meet your application requirements.

  • Replication Agents Overview
    Introduces standalone programs, called agents, that replication uses to carry out the tasks associated with tracking changes and distributing data.