Configuring Reporting Services

Use the Reporting Services Configuration tool to configure a SQL Server Reporting Services installation. If you installed a report server using the files-only installation option, you must use this tool to configure the server so that it can be used. If you installed a report server in the default configuration installation option, you can use this tool to verify or modify the settings that were specified during setup. If you are upgrading from a previous version, you can use this tool to update the report server database to the new format.

The Reporting Services Configuration tool can be used to configure a local or remote report server instance. You must have local system administrator permissions on the computer that hosts the report server you want to configure.

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Configuring the Report Server Service Account

Provides recommendations and steps on how to modify the service account and password.

Configuring Report Server URLs

Describes how to configure URLs used to access the Report Server Web service and Report Manager.

Creating a Report Server Database

Describes how to create a report server database, required for storing server metadata and objects.

Configuring a Report Server Database Connection

Describes how to modify the connection string used by the report server to connect to the report server database.

Configuring the Unattended Execution Account

Describes how to configure a user account to process reports in unattended mode.

Configuring a Report Server for E-Mail Delivery

Describes how to configure a report server to support e-mail report distribution.

Configuring Reporting Services for Scale-Out Deployment

Provides information about configuring multiple report server instances to use a shared report server database.

Configuring Reporting Services for SharePoint 3.0 Integration

Provides an overview of the tasks and requirements for adding a report server to an existing deployment of a SharePoint product or technology.

Configuring and Managing Encryption Keys

Explains how to use and manage encryption keys that are used when storing sensitive data.

Reporting Services Configuration How-to Topics

Provides step-by-step instruction for common tasks.

Reporting Services Configuration F1 Help Topics

Provides help topics for the pages in the Reporting Services Configuration tool.

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