sp_prepare (Transact SQL)

Prepares a parameterized Transact-SQL statement and returns a statement handle for execution. sp_prepare is invoked by specifying ID = 11 in a tabular data stream (TDS) packet.

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sp_prepare handle OUTPUT, params, stmt, options


  • handle
    Is a SQL Server-generated prepared handle identifier. handle is a required parameter with an int return value.

  • params
    Identifies parameterized statements. The params definition of variables is substituted for parameter markers in the statement. params is a required parameter that calls for an ntext, nchar, or nvarchar input value. Input a NULL value if the statement is not parameterized.

  • stmt
    Defines the cursor result set. The stmt parameter is required and calls for an ntext, nchar, or nvarchar input value.

  • options
    An optional parameter that returns a description of the cursor result set columns. options requires the following int input value.