Setting Client Code Pages

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The code pages that a client uses are determined by your operating system settings. To set client code pages on the Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Server 2008 operating systems, use Regional Settings in Control Panel.

When you move data from a server to a client, your server collation might not be recognized by older client drivers. This happens most often when you move data from a Unicode server to a non-Unicode client. Your best option might be to upgrade the client operating system so that the underlying system collations are updated. If your client has database client software installed, you might consider applying a service update to the database client software.

You can also try to use a different collation for the data on the server. Choose a collation that will map to a code page on the client.

For more information, see the "Setting and Changing Collations" topic in SQL Server Books Online.

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