Setting Logins and Passwords When Configuring the Distributor

This topic covers the following areas related to configuring a Distributor:

  • Snapshot folder security

  • Remote distributor

Snapshot Folder Security

Ensure that the snapshot share has read access granted to the account under which the Merge Agent (for merge replication) or Distribution Agent (for snapshot or transactional replication) runs and write access granted to the account under which the Snapshot Agent runs. For more information about the snapshot folder, see Securing the Snapshot Folder.

Remote Distributor

If you use a remote Distributor, you must specify a password, which the distributor_admin account uses for administrative replication stored procedures that execute at the Publisher and connect to the Distributor. For more information, see Securing the Distributor. For more information about specifying the password, see:

For more information about changing the password, see: