How to: Export a Report (Report Manager)

When a report is open in Report Manager, you can use the export options on the report toolbar to view the report in a different application format. Available formats are based on the rendering extensions that are deployed on the report server. Default report output formats include Acrobat (PDF), CSV, Excel, MHTML (Web archive), TIFF, and XML.

When you export a report it opens it in the application file format that corresponds with the rendering extension. You must have a desktop application that supports the file format. For example, if you select Acrobat (PDF), you must Acrobat Reader installed on the local computer. If the report has interactive features or data, the interactivity will no longer work or might not work the same way. The exported report will have only those features that are supported by the application. After you export the report, you can save the file to the file system, but you cannot save it back to the report server. The report server does not process exported report files.

To export a report

  1. Start Report Manager.

  2. In Report Manager, navigate to the Contents page. Navigate to the folder that contains the report that you want to export. Click the report to open it.

  3. Select an export format from the drop-down list at the top of the report.

  4. Click Export.