Report Builder Role

The Report Builder role is a predefined role that includes tasks for loading reports in Report Builder as well as viewing and navigating the folder hierarchy. To create and modify reports in Report Builder, you must also have a system role assignment that includes the "Execute report definitions" task, required for processing reports locally in Report Builder.

Report Builder Tasks

The following table describes the tasks that are included in the Report Builder role definition.



Consume reports

Reads report definitions.

View reports

Run a report and view report properties.

View resources

View resources and resource properties.

View folders

View folder contents and navigate the folder hierarchy.

View models

View models in the folder hierarchy, use models as data sources for a report, and run queries against the model to retrieve data.

Manage individual subscriptions

Create, view, modify, and delete user-owned subscriptions to reports and linked reports, and create schedules in support of those subscriptions.

Customizing the Report Builder Role

You can modify the Report Builder role to suit your needs. The recommendations are generally the same as for the Browser role: remove the "Manage individual subscriptions" task if you do not want to support subscriptions, remove the "View resources" task if you do not want users to see resources, and keep "View reports" task and the "View folders" tasks to support viewing and folder navigation.

The most important task in this role definition is "Consume reports", which allows a user to load a report definition from the report server into a local Report Builder instance. If you do not want to support this task, you can delete this role definition and use the Browser role to support general access to a report server.