Selecting the Keyboard Shortcut Scheme

SQL Server Management Studio offers users two keyboard schemes. By default, Management Studio uses the Standard scheme, with keyboard shortcuts based on Microsoft Visual Studio. A second scheme, called SQL Server 2000, closely resembles the tools from SQL Server 2000, in particular the keyboard shortcuts from the SQL Server Query Analyzer. In a few cases, Management Studio cannot offer the keyboard shortcuts from SQL Server Query Analyzer.

Changing to the SQL Server 2000 Layout

To change the keyboard shortcut scheme from Standard to SQL Server 2000

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.

  2. Expand Environment, and then click Keyboard.

  3. In the Keyboard scheme list, select SQL Server 2000, and then click OK.


The most popular shortcut key for both keyboard schemes is SHIFT+ALT+ENTER, which toggles any document window to full screen.


You can create shortcut keys to stored procedures on this page.

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