Color Coding in Code Editors

The text entered in the code editors is assigned a category; each category is identified by a color. The colors help you quickly find text in your code. For example, comments stand out in dark green. The following table lists the most common colors. You can view the whole list of colors and their categories, and configure a custom color scheme by using the Tools, Options menu. For more information about how to change the default colors, see How to: Change Font Color, Size, and Style.

Default Code Colors




SQL string

Dark green


Black on silver background

SQLCMD command


System function


System table, view, or table-valued function. Also, the system schemas sys and INFORMATION_SCHEMA.




Line numbers or template parameter


SQL Server stored procedure

Dark gray


Status Bar

The Query Editor can connect to all the servers in a server group and execute queries on several connections at the same time. As a reminder that the Query Editor has multiple connections, keep the color of the group connection status bar set to a different color than the single-server connection status bar. The colors of the status bar are configured by using Options (Text Editor/Editor Tab and Status Bar page). Some types of editors do not display the status bar.