Setting Partition Writeback

If you write-enable a measure group, end users can change cube data while they browse it. However, the changes are saved in a separate table called a writeback table, not in the cube data or source data. End users who browse a write-enabled partition see the net effect of all changes in the writeback table for the partition.

On a write-enabled partition, you can use cube roles to grant read/write access to users and groups of users, and to limit access to specific cells or groups of cells in the partition. For more information about granting read/write access to a cube's cells, see Granting Custom Access to Cell Data.

You can browse or delete writeback data. You can also convert writeback data to a partition.

The following table lists links to topics that provide more detailed information.



Write-Enabling a Partition

Describes using the Write-Enable dialog box to write-enable a partition

Browsing Writeback Data

Describes using the Browse Data dialog box to browse data for a write-enabled partition.

Deleting Writeback Data and Write-Disabling a Partition

Identifies considerations when deleting writeback data for a cube.

Converting Writeback Data to a Partition

Identifies considerations when converting writeback data to a partition.