Granting Full Control Permissions

A member of the server role for an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services can create a database role with Full Control (Administrator) permissions within a particular database, and then add Microsoft Windows users and groups to that database role. As a member of a database role that has Full Control (Administrator) permissions, a Windows user can perform any task within the database, including:

  • Processing database objects.

  • Reading database data.

  • Reading database metadata.

  • Adding users to existing database roles.

  • Creating new database roles.

  • Defining permissions for database roles.


To give a database role Full Control (Administrator) permissions

  1. In SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the instance of Analysis Services, expand Roles for the appropriate database in Object Explorer, and then click a database role (or create a new database role).

  2. Click General in the Select a Page pane, and then select the Full Control (Administrator) check box for the cube.