Data Mining Query Task Editor (Mining Model Tab)

Use the Mining Model tab of the Data Mining Query Task dialog box to specify the mining structure and mining model to use.

To learn about implementing data mining in packages, see Data Mining Query Task and Data Mining Projects (Analysis Services - Data Mining).

General Options

  • Name
    Provide a unique name for the Data Mining Query task. This name is used as the label in the task icon.


    Task names must be unique within a package.

  • Description
    Type a description of the Data Mining Query task.

Mining Model Tab Options

  • Connection
    Select an Analysis Services connection manager in the list or click New to create a new connection manager.

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  • New
    Create a new Analysis Services connection manager.

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  • Mining structure
    Select a mining structure in the list.

  • Mining models
    Select a mining model built on the selected mining structure.