Using the POWER and EXP Exponential Functions

The POWER function returns the value of the specified numeric expression to the specified power. POWER(2,3) returns 2 to the third power, or the value 8. Negative powers can be specified. Therefore, POWER(2.000, -3) returns 0.125. Notice that the result of POWER(2, -3) is 0. This is because the result is the same data type as the specified numeric expression. Therefore, if the result has three decimal places, the number to raise to a specific power must have three decimals, too.

The EXP function returns the exponential value in scientific notation of the specific float expression. Therefore, with a value of 198.1938327, the EXP function returns a value of 1.18710159597953e+086, for example:

SELECT EXP(198.1938327);

Here is the result set.



(1 row(s) affected)