Running Jobs

To manage SQL Server Agent jobs, you can use SQL Server Management Studio, Transact-SQL stored procedures, or SQL Server Management Objects.

To start a job

To stop a job

To schedule a job

To enable or disable a job

Multiserver Job Processing

A multiserver job is a job that a master server runs on one or more target servers. Each target server can run one instance of the same job at the same time. Each target server periodically polls the master server, downloads a copy of any new jobs assigned to the target server, and then disconnects. The target server runs the job locally and then reconnects to the master server to upload the job outcome status.


If the master server is inaccessible when the target server tries to upload job status, the job status is spooled until the master server can be accessed.

To force a target server to poll the master server

To set the polling interval for target servers

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