Table-Valued Function Showplan Operator

The Table-valued Function operator evaluates a table-valued function (either Transact-SQL or CLR), and stores the resulting rows in the tempdb database. When the parent iterators request the rows, Table-valued Function returns the rows from tempdb.

Queries with calls to table-valued functions generate query plans with the Table-valued Function iterator.

In SQL Server 2000, Table-valued Function is evaluated with parameters (those of the table-valued function itself) that are constant within a plan. In SQL Server 2005 and later, Table-valued Function can be evaluated with different parameter values.

Table-valued Function XML Reader inputs an XML BLOB as a parameter and produces a row set representing XML nodes in XML document order. Other input parameters may restrict XML nodes returned to a subset of XML document.

Table Valued Function XML Reader with XPath filter is a special type of the XML Reader Table-valued Function that restricts output to XML nodes satisfying an XPath expression.

Table-valued Function is a logical and physical operator.

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