Scripting Jobs Using Transact-SQL

SQL Server Management Studio can generate Transact-SQL scripts for existing jobs. Generating job scripts helps you perform tasks such as the following:

  • Controlling versions of job creation source code.

  • Migrating jobs from test into production.

  • Scripting alerts and operators.

  • Saving the scripts in a SQL Server Management Studio Project.

SQL Server Management Studio can create scripts for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and later versions of Microsoft SQL Server. If you choose to create a SQL Server 2000-compatible script, certain features in later versions of SQL Server are ignored, such as:

  • Column level collation.

  • User-defined functions, extended properties.

  • INSTEAD OF triggers on tables and views.

  • Indexes on views (indexed views).

  • Indexes on computed columns.

  • Descending indexes.

  • Reference permissions on views.

This option is available only on an instance of SQL Server 2005or later.