ExecuteSQLTask Class

Contains the members used to configure and run an Execute SQL task. The Execute SQL task is used to execute SQL commands against a relational database table or view.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Tasks.ExecuteSQLTask
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.SQLTask (in Microsoft.SqlServer.SQLTask.dll)


<GuidAttribute("3E0AAEAA-F8DC-370D-9206-0FC456CE748F")> _
Public Class ExecuteSQLTask _
    Inherits Task _
    Implements IDTSExecuteSQL, IDTSComponentPersist
Dim instance As ExecuteSQLTask
public class ExecuteSQLTask : Task, 
    IDTSExecuteSQL, IDTSComponentPersist
public ref class ExecuteSQLTask : public Task, 
    IDTSExecuteSQL, IDTSComponentPersist
type ExecuteSQLTask =  
        inherit Task
        interface IDTSExecuteSQL
        interface IDTSComponentPersist
public class ExecuteSQLTask extends Task implements IDTSExecuteSQL, IDTSComponentPersist


For more information about the features of this task, see Execute SQL Task.


For a community sample that demonstrates how to add and configure an Execute SQL Task, see the blog entry, Creating packages in code -- Execute SQL Task, on sqlis.com.

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