Print Dialog Box

You can specify how you want to print a document by selecting options in the Print dialog box.


  • Name
    Specifies the printer. Select a printer from the list. The printer you select becomes the default printer until you close SQL Server Management Studio or select a different printer. The information that appears in the fields below the list applies to the selected printer.

  • Status
    Describes the state of the selected printer—for example, busy or ready.

  • Type
    Identifies the selected printer.

  • Where
    Identifies the location of the selected printer and the printer port it uses.

  • Comment
    Includes any additional information about the selected printer.

  • Properties
    Click to open the <printer name properties> dialog box.

  • Print to file
    Prints your document to a file instead of a printer.

Page range

  • All
    Prints the entire document.

  • Selection
    Prints only the current selection. This option remains unavailable until you select part or all of the document.

  • Pages
    Prints the pages you type in the Pages box.


  • Number of copies
    Enter the number of copies you want to print.

  • Collate
    Prints the copies of the document in proper binding order.

  • Hide collapsed regions
    Does not print areas that are collapsed in the code editor. Not all code editors support collapsed text.

  • Include line numbers
    Include line numbers in the printed output.