DbServerSyncProvider.ApplyChanges Method

Applies inserts, updates, and deletes for a synchronization group to the server database.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.Server
Assembly:  Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.Server (in Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.Server.dll)


Public Overrides Function ApplyChanges ( _
    groupMetadata As SyncGroupMetadata, _
    dataSet As DataSet, _
    syncSession As SyncSession _
) As SyncContext
Dim instance As DbServerSyncProvider
Dim groupMetadata As SyncGroupMetadata
Dim dataSet As DataSet
Dim syncSession As SyncSession
Dim returnValue As SyncContext

returnValue = instance.ApplyChanges(groupMetadata, _
    dataSet, syncSession)
public override SyncContext ApplyChanges(
    SyncGroupMetadata groupMetadata,
    DataSet dataSet,
    SyncSession syncSession
virtual SyncContext^ ApplyChanges(
    SyncGroupMetadata^ groupMetadata, 
    DataSet^ dataSet, 
    SyncSession^ syncSession
) override
abstract ApplyChanges : 
        groupMetadata:SyncGroupMetadata * 
        dataSet:DataSet * 
        syncSession:SyncSession -> SyncContext 
override ApplyChanges : 
        groupMetadata:SyncGroupMetadata * 
        dataSet:DataSet * 
        syncSession:SyncSession -> SyncContext 
public override function ApplyChanges(
    groupMetadata : SyncGroupMetadata, 
    dataSet : DataSet, 
    syncSession : SyncSession
) : SyncContext


  • dataSet
    Type: System.Data.DataSet
    A DataSet object that contains the changes to be applied to the server database for each table in the synchronization group.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.SyncContext
A SyncContext object that contains synchronization data and metadata.

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