Sync Framework Web Synchronization Components

The Sync Framework Web synchronization components provide support for producing a FeedSync feed from item data that is contained in a replica. The FeedSync producer and consumer services provide support for consuming a FeedSync feed and storing the feed item data in a replica. The FeedSync interoperation services help a provider work with FeedSync metadata.

FeedSync Producer and Consumer Services

The following components produce or consume a FeedSync feed by using a synchronization provider that represents a replica:

IEndpointState Interface

IFeedItemConverter Interface

IEndpointStateWithKnowledge Interface

IFeedItemConverterCallback Interface

IFeedConsumer Interface

IFeedProducer Interface

IFeedIdConverter Interface

IFeedProducerConsumerServices Interface

IFeedIdConverterCallback Interface

FeedSync Interoperation Services

The following components help a provider work with FeedSync metadata:

SYNC_TIME Structure

IFeedItemDataXmlTextMergerCallback Interface


IFeedItemDataXmlTextRetriever Interface

IEnumFeedClockVector Interface

IFeedItemHistory Interface

IEnumFeedItemHistory Interface

IFeedItemMetadata Interface

IEnumFeedItemMetadata Interface

IFeedItemMetadataFilter Interface

IFeedBuilder Interface

IFeedMetadata Interface

IFeedBuilderWithXmlText Interface

IFeedSharingInformation Interface

IFeedClockVector Interface

IFeedSyncServices Interface

IFeedClockVectorElement Interface

IFeedSyncServicesWithXmlText Interface

IFeedItemDataMerger Interface

IFeedXMLDocumentLoader Interface

IFeedItemDataXmlTextMerger Interface

Error Codes

The Sync Framework Web synchronization components use a set of custom errors to report problems. For more information, see Web Synchronization Components Error Codes.

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