Tutorial: Evaluating Best Practices by Using Policy-Based Management

Welcome to the Evaluating Best Practices by Using Policy-Based Management tutorial. This tutorial is intended for users who are familiar with SQL Server, but new to Policy-Based Management. Policy-Based Management is a system for defining policies that can be used enforce site administration standards. Policy-Based Management includes a set of best practices policies that you can use to analyze an instance of SQL Server to determine whether the instance meets best practices guidelines and recommendations.

What You Will Learn

In this tutorial, you will learn how to evaluate best practices policies for the SQL Server Database Engine on an on-demand (or "ad hoc") basis, or on a scheduled basis.

This tutorial is divided into two lessons:


This lesson requires basic database knowledge and a basic understanding of SQL Server Management Studio.

To use this tutorial, the server must have Management Studio installed.

Start the Tutorial

Lesson 1: Evaluate Best Practices on an On-Demand Basis

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