ConfigProvider.IVsCfgProvider2.GetSupportedPlatformNames Method

Interop provider.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.VSIntegration.Editors
Assembly:  SQLEditors (in SQLEditors.dll)


Private Function GetSupportedPlatformNames ( _
    namesNumber As UInteger, _
    names As String(), _
    actualNames As UInteger() _
) As Integer Implements IVsCfgProvider2.GetSupportedPlatformNames
Dim instance As ConfigProvider 
Dim namesNumber As UInteger 
Dim names As String()
Dim actualNames As UInteger()
Dim returnValue As Integer 

returnValue = CType(instance, IVsCfgProvider2).GetSupportedPlatformNames(namesNumber, _
    names, actualNames)
int IVsCfgProvider2.GetSupportedPlatformNames(
    uint namesNumber,
    string[] names,
    uint[] actualNames
virtual int GetSupportedPlatformNames(
    unsigned int namesNumber, 
    array<String^>^ names, 
    array<unsigned int>^ actualNames
) sealed = IVsCfgProvider2::GetSupportedPlatformNames
private abstract GetSupportedPlatformNames : 
        namesNumber:uint32 * 
        names:string[] * 
        actualNames:uint32[] -> int  
private override GetSupportedPlatformNames : 
        namesNumber:uint32 * 
        names:string[] * 
        actualNames:uint32[] -> int
JScript supports the use of explicit interface implementations, but not the declarations of new ones.


  • namesNumber
    Type: System.UInt32
    An integer value that specifies the names number.
  • names
    Type: array<System.String[]
    An array of string values that specify the names.
  • actualNames
    Type: array<System.UInt32[]
    An array of integer values that specify the actual names.

Return Value

Type: System.Int32
An integer value.


IVsCfgProvider2GetSupportedPlatformNames(UInt32, String, UInt32)

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