Add Data by Using Copy and Paste (Tutorial)

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In this task, you will add data to your PowerPivot workbook by copying it from a Microsoft Excel worksheet and pasting it into the PowerPivot window.

Keep in mind that in order to use this data in your analysis, you will have to create relationships between the data from the Access database and the other data in your PowerPivot workbook. Instructions for creating relatioships are provided in a later lesson. For more information, see Create Relationships Between Tables (Tutorial).


This topic is part of a PowerPivot for Excel tutorial, which should be completed in order. For information about prerequisites and the first step in the tutorial, see PowerPivot for Excel Tutorial Introduction.

Copy and Paste from an External Excel Worksheet

The Sales department has an Excel spreadsheet that contains data about the location of areas where Contoso is currently selling products. You will copy the data that you need from this worksheet, and paste it into your PowerPivot workbook.

To copy and paste from an external Excel worksheet

  1. Navigate to the location on your computer where you downloaded the samples, and then double-click Geography. A new Excel worksheet opens, and you are no longer in the PowerPivot window.

  2. Highlight and copy cells A1 through J675 (including the row of column headers).


    Be sure to select only this range of cells and not whole rows and columns. Selecting whole rows and columns imports empty cells, which might affect your ability to create relationships with this data.

  3. Back in your PowerPivot window, on the Home tab, click Paste. The Paste Preview dialog box displays the new table that will be created.

  4. Type Geography in the Table Name text box.

  5. Make sure that the table data is correct, make sure Use first row as column headers is selected, and then click OK. The new table is created in the PowerPivot window.

Next Step

To continue this tutorial, go to the next topic: Add Data by Using an Excel Linked Table (Tutorial).

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