PowerPivot Metadata Restored

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This dialog box is displayed in the rare situations in which PowerPivot data becomes corrupted. The source data is not affected in this case, but the data in the PowerPivot window (and any PivotTables or PivotCharts that are based on it) can no longer be used. If data is corrupted, provides three options:

  • Do nothing
    Do not change the workbook in any way. You can still work with Excel data in the workbook, but you will get an error message every time you open the workbook.

  • Recover the structure of the PowerPivot data
    Delete the PowerPivot data and recreate the structure (also known as the schema) of each PowerPivot table. The structure that is recreated is based on the version of the workbook that was most recently saved. The recreated structure will not reflect any changes that were saved by AutoRecover.

    Data is not automatically restored. If you want to continue to use a table in your analysis, you must do the following after the table structure is recreated:

  • Delete the PowerPivot data and continue to use the workbook
    Use this option if you no longer need to use the PowerPivot data but want to continue to use the Excel data in the workbook.

Keep the following issues in mind if you plan to restore data:

  • Underlying data sources (such as a remote database server) must be available so that PowerPivot¬†can query them.

  • For security reasons, the metadata extracted from servers will not contain password information. You must specify the password again in order to refresh data. For more information, see Edit the Properties of an Existing Data Source.

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