Microsoft.SqlServer.XEvent Namespace

Represents XEvents.


  Class Description
Public class ActivityId Represents an activity identifier.
Public class MapValue Specifies a key value pair that represents a map entry.
Public class XMLData Represents a strongly typed XML data.


  Interface Description
Public interface IActionMetadata Provides information about the action.
Public interface IEventFieldMetadata Provides information about the event field.
Public interface IEventMetadata Contains the metadata for an event that is defined in an event provider.
Public interface IField Exposes common event field properties.
Public interface IMapMetadata Represents the metadata for sets of key value mappings.
Public interface IMetadataGeneration Represents a collection of packages that are active at a particular point in time.
Public interface IPackage Represents metadata for an extended event package.
Public interface IXEObjectMetadata Represents an object that exposed by a package.