AnalysisState Enumeration

Defines the processing state of a ProcessableMajorObject in Analysis Services.

Namespace:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices
Assembly:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices (in Microsoft.AnalysisServices.dll)


<GuidAttribute("C181D26B-C32D-4d8f-9FD5-B3DA5D9BD18E")> _
Public Enumeration AnalysisState
Dim instance As AnalysisState
public enum AnalysisState
public enum class AnalysisState
type AnalysisState
public enum AnalysisState


Member name Description
PartiallyProcessed At least one contained object is not processed
Processed The object and all its contained processable objects are processed
Unprocessed The object and its child objects are not processed


New:   17 July 2006

Objects that can be processed are as follows:

Objects that have no children (Dimension, Partition, and MiningModel) can only be in Processed or Unprocessed state.

The following table should help you understand how each object relates to the different states.






Cube is processed.

All measure groups in cube could be queried.

At least one of cube’s children objects is not processed.

Some measure groups in cube might not be queryable.

No cube’s children objects are processed.

Cube is not queryable in any way.


All processable objects in database are processed.

All major objects could be queried

At least one major processable object is not processed.

Some objects might not be queryable.

No object in database is processed.

No objects can be queried.


Dimension is processed

Does not apply.

Object should never reach this state.

Dimension is not processed.


Measure group is processed.

Data from all partitions in MeasureGroup is available.

At least one partition in measure group is not processed.

No partition in MeasureGroup is processed.


Model is processed. Therefore, it can be queried or browsed. Drillthrough is possible if MiningStructure is in Processed state.

Does not apply.

Object should never reach this state.

Model is not processed. Therefore, it cannot be queried.

SELECT DISTINCT queries should return data if MiningStructure is PartiallyProcessed.


Structure is processed.

All models can be queried or browsed.

New models can be created and processed without having to read the relational data source.

Structure is not completely processed or one of the mining models is unprocessed.

In this state any model that is contained and processed can be queried and browsed, Drillthrough does not work for any model, and to process any contained model data has to be read from the relational data source

MiningStructure reach this state after any of the following events:

  • Structure was processed with ProcessClearStructureOnly

  • Structure was created as result of a CREATE MODEL FROM PMML statement

  • Structure was unprocessed and a model was processed using the ProcessDefault option.

  • Structure’s cache mode is not KeepTrainingCases. Therefore, cases are dropped upon processing.

  • A DELETE FROM MODEL.CASES statement was issued.

  • One of the contained models has been unprocessed.

  • One of the contained models was processed with ProcessClearStructureOnly.

Structure is not processed. Therefore, no model can be queried.


Partition is processed.

Data from this partition is visible in queries to measure group.

Does not apply.

Object should never reach this state.

Partition is not processed.

Data from this partition is invisible in queries to measure group.

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