SQL Server, Cursor Manager by Type Object

The SQLServer:Cursor Manager by Type object provides counters to monitor cursors, grouped by type.

This table describes the SQL Server Cursor Manager by Type counters.

Cursor Manager by Type counters


Active cursors

Number of active cursors.

Cache Hit Ratio

Ratio between cache hits and lookups.

Cached Cursor Counts

Number of cursors of a given type in the cache.

Cursor Cache Use Count/sec

Times each type of cached cursor has been used.

Cursor memory usage

Amount of memory consumed by cursors in kilobytes (KB).

Cursor Requests/sec

Number of SQL cursor requests received by server.

Cursor worktable usage

Number of worktables used by cursors.

Number of active cursor plans

Number of cursor plans.

Each counter in the object contains the following instances:

Cursor Manager instance



Information for all cursors.

API Cursor

Only the API cursor information.

TSQL Global Cursor

Only the Transact-SQL global cursor information.

TSQL Local Cursor

Only the Transact-SQL local cursor information.

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