Lesson 6: Creating and Working with Predictions (Basic Data Mining Tutorial)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

You have trained, tested, and explored the data mining models you created. Now you are ready to use the models to identify the people most likely to respond to the new targeted mailing campaign.

In this lesson you will create a query to predict which customers are most likely to purchase a bike. You will also retrieve the probability that the prediction is correct, so the marketing department can decide whether to you can decide whether to use the prediction or not.

Once you have identified customers with a high probability of purchasing a bike, you will drill through to the details of the cases in the mining model to retrieve names and contact information for these customers.

This lesson contains the following topics:

Creating Predictions (Basic Data Mining Tutorial)

Using Drillthrough on Structure Data (Basic Data Mining Tutorial)

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Creating Predictions (Basic Data Mining Tutorial)

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