Lesson 4: Running the Application (VB - VC#)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Visual Studio offers several methods to build and run a console application from the IDE, such as:

  • Start (with Debugging)

  • Start without Debugging

To build and run the GetPropertiesSample

  1. From the Debug menu, click Start Without Debugging. This ensures that the console window remains open after the program has finished executing.

    The application prints the following output to the console:

    Name: Company Sales
    Description: Adventure Works sales by quarter and product category. This report
    illustrates the use of a matrix data region that provides drilldown from summary
    data into detail data by showing and hiding rows. This report also illustrates
    the use of background images.
    Press any key to continue...
  2. Press any key to close GetPropertiesSample.

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