Select the Data Source


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Use this page of the Report Wizard to define a data source for the report.


Shared data source
Select Shared Data Source to use a predefined shared data source that already has the data source connection information you want to use. The list contains all shared data sources that are included in the project.

New data source
Select New data source to define a new data source. The data source information will be used only with the current report.

Type a name for the connection to the data source. The data source name must be unique within the report.

Select the type of data source you are using (for example, if you are using a SQL Server database, choose Microsoft SQL Server).

Connection string
Type a connection string for the data source. For more information about connection strings, see Data Connections, Data Sources, and Connection Strings (Report Builder and SSRS).

Click Edit to specify the data source server in the Connection Properties dialog box. You can specify a local or remote data source.

Click Credentials to supply database credentials. At a minimum, the credentials you specify must be sufficient for you to connect to the data source for report design purposes. When the report is deployed on a report server, the database credentials must accommodate all users of the report. For example, if you want all report users to connect to the data source using their credentials, choose Use Windows Authentication (Integrated Security). The credentials you specify must be valid for the data source, so if you choose Windows Authentication, be sure that the data source accepts connections from all user accounts that will be running the report. Database credentials can be managed separately from the report. For more information, see Manage Report Data Sources.

Make this a shared data source
Select this option to store the data source in the project as a shared data source, instead of in the report. That way, you can use it as the data source for other reports in the project.

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