Systems Management Server 2003 Service Pack 3 Operations Release Notes

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These release notes contain information that you need after you have successfully installed Microsoft® Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3), and that is not generally available in the product documentation. Read this file thoroughly after you install the SMS software.

Additional release notes, which document issues that affect SMS 2003 SP3 installation, are available in Readme.htm on the Systems Management Server 2003 SP3 product CD.

Check the SMS downloads Web site for more information about availability of the SMS 2003 release note files. Because the files on the Web site might be updated as new information becomes available, it is recommended that you check the Web site occasionally.

Providing Feedback

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If you have comments, suggestions, or other feedback about SMS:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Connect Site at

  2. In the menu on the left, click Available Connections.

  3. In the list of Available Connections, locate SMS 2003 / Configuration Manager Product Feedback.

  4. Click the Apply link, and then you will be immediately approved. You can then submit your feedback by clicking Feedback on the left.

Additional Resources for SMS

For more information about SMS, see the following online resources:

SMS Documentation

To find more than 20 new and updated documents that support SMS 2003 SP3, see the Microsoft Systems Management Server Product Documentation Web site. At this site you will find documentation about planning and deploying SMS, securing SMS, maintaining SMS and troubleshooting SMS. Consider this site your first and foremost location for the most current documentation supporting SMS 2003 SP3.

The following documents have been updated specifically for SMS 2003 SP3:

  • Scenarios and Procedures for Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003: Planning and Deployment Guide

  • Scenarios and Procedures for Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003: Security Guide

  • SMS 2003 Supported Configurations for SP3

  • SMS 2003 SP3 Status Message Documentation

SMS on the Web

Microsoft Online Support

  • To search the Microsoft Knowledge Base and other technical resources for fast, accurate answers to SMS questions, see the Microsoft Help and Support Web site. You can query the Knowledge Base to find an article about a specific issue by entering the article number.

Protect Against Security Vulnerabilities and Viruses

It is important to install the latest available security updates for any new software being installed to help protect against security vulnerabilities and viruses. For more information, see Microsoft Security.

The following sections provide information about known issues with this release of SMS 2003.

Table of Contents

Active Directory Discovery

Network Discovery

Advanced Client



Product Compliance


Software Distribution

Software Update Management

Software Metering

Management Point

SMS Administrator Console



International Client Pack


Asset Intelligence

Backup and Recovery

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