Published : September 1, 2004

Author: Anat Kerry

Program Manager: John Ellis

Applies To: Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 SP1

Document Version: Release 1.1


Managing Editor: Sandra Faucett

As your organization starts using Microsoft® Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 to manage clients, they depend on the SMS site server for various services, some of which are critical. Consequently, ensuring that the site is always operational becomes a high priority.

To ensure a healthy ongoing operation of SMS 2003, you must regularly maintain each site in the hierarchy. While maintenance helps keep the site healthy and operative, having a site backup ensures that in case of failure, the clients are minimally affected, and that the site returns to normal operation as quickly as possible.

This document explains how you should maintain and back up your site. It then describes a recovery operation.

For other SMS 2003 related documentation, see the System Management Server 2003 Product Documentation website.

You can find content that is specific to SMS 2003 SP1 by searching for the text string *SP.