Troubleshooting End-User Recovery and DFS

Published : September 27, 2005

In a DFS namespace, links can have multiple targets that contain replicated data. The file recovered by an end user may not be the expected file version, if you protect multiple DFS targets.

For example, the DFS namespace \\public\apps can connect users to the actual targets of \\public1\apps or \\public2\apps. If both targets are protected by DPM and the user attempts to recover a file from the DFS link, the Shadow Copy Client will display the shadow copy of the file from the first available protected target. If the targets are not synchronized at the time that the shadow copy is created, the user may recover an incorrect version of the file.

When you protect only one target of a DFS link and a user attempts to recover a file, the Shadow Copy Client will check the targets of the DFS link and connect the user to the protected target rather than the first available target.