AlertUpdate.RepeatCount Field

For consolidated events, the RepeatCount field gets the number of repeat occurrences.

 public int RepeatCount


The MOM Connector Framework uses an alert's TimeLastModified field to determine when updates should be sent to a connector. Unlike changes to most other alert fields, incrementing the repeat count field does not cause the value of the TimeLastModified field to change.

When alert suppression is used on the zone configuration group, the forwarding of an alert's RepeatCount field should be implemented as a one-way process, with no updates sent back to MOM. The repeat count is forwarded only if the alert's TimeLastModified field is updated by a change to one of the other alert field values. If the connector sends an updated repeat count value back to MOM, it could overwrite a newer value.

The value of the RepeatCount field should not be set to negative values.


Platforms: Requires Windows 2000 Server or later

Version: Requires MOM 2005 or later

Namespace: Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Mom.Connector.V2

Assembly: MomConnectorFrameworkV2 (in MomConnectorFrameworkV2.dll)

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