Using the MOM Connector Framework Class Library

The MOM Connector Framework (MCF) is a .NET Framework class library that supports the development of custom connectors between MOM and other management products. The MCF can be used as either a local class library or a Web Service.

The advantages of using the MCF to build a MOM connector include:

  • Support for connector applications running on non-Windows platforms through the MCF Web Service.
  • A consistent, reusable framework for developing connector applications.
  • Increased performance compared to other methods of querying alert data.
  • Access to an alert's Product Knowledge content.

For more information about using the MCF, see the following topics:

  1. Adding the MCF to Your Application
  2. Registering a Connector with the MCF
  3. Getting Alert Data from the MCF
  4. Updating Alerts in MOM
  5. Creating Alerts in MOM
  6. Using Management Packs with a Connector
  7. Removing a Connector from the MCF