What's New in this Release

MOM Connector Framework V2

MOM 2005 includes and updated version of the MOM Connector Framework. The changes include better error handling, access to computer discovery-related classes, and additional Alert properties to support state monitoring and other MOM 2005 features.

For more information about version2 of the MOM Connector Framework, see the following sections:

MOM Management Server Class Library

The MOM Management Server Class Library (MCL) exposes MOM operations and configuration data to .NET Framework applications. The MCL is a replacement for the MOM 2000 SP1 WMI classes. The MCL can also be used to create simple connectors which do not require all of the functionality of the MOM Connector Framework APIs.

For more information about the MOM Management Server Class Libraries, see the following sections:

MOM Reporting Database

The MOM Reporting Database is new in MOM 2005. It provides a location for storing archived MOM data. Reports have longer periods of data available, and the process of generating reports will not adversely affect the performance of the MOM operations database.

For more information about the reporting database, see the following sections:

For an illustration of the new MOM Management Server architecture, see MOM Architecture.

Managed Code Responses

Programmed rule responses are no longer limited to COM-based Active scripting languages, such as VBScript and JScript. Managed code responses allow you to call methods from a .NET Framework component as a response to a rule. A .NET Framework class library provides functionality equivalent to that of the COM objects used with script responses.

For more information about managed code responses, see the following sections:

Changes to Response Scripts

For improved resiliency, response scripts (and managed code responses) run out-of-process from the MOM Service. Control over the security of response scripts and assemblies have been improved by running them under the MOM Action Account. The account used by the MOM Service is configured independently.

By default, script responses will not run on a Management Server. The Management Server must be explicitly configured to allow run responses to run.

Changes to Rules

In MOM 2000, a computer group could only contain computers. In MOM 2005, computer groups can contain computers and nested computer groups. New APIs expose the computer group hierarchy.

Note Note   

For all of the features mentioned above, see the downloadable version of the MOM SDK for code samples, and sample scripts and applications.

Deprecated Features and APIs

  • Scripting helper objects, including:

    • ActiveDirectory Object
    • EventLog Object
    • INet Object
    • MTALogAnalyzer Object
    • PagerJobQueue Object
    • SCManager Object
    • SystemManager Object
    • TermServer Object
    • Utility Object
    • Regobj.Registry Object
  • All MOM WMI classes

Release History

Release Date Description
September 2004 Initial release for MOM 2005
November 2003 Update for the MOM 2000 SP1 Feature Pack.
February 2003 Update for MOM 2000 SP1
April 2002 Initial release for MOM 2000