Adding Carpool Discovery Data to the SMS Administrator Console

After the inventory data is loaded, you can add queries to the SMS Administrator Console to display all cars in the carpool or all cars that need their oil changed or tires rotated.

The easiest way to add the queries is to use the console; the queries are stored in SMS_Query. The following table lists the property values you can specify to return all the cars in SMS_R_Carpool. For more information on how to add a new query, see the SMS Administrator's Guide.

SMS_Query property Value
Name All Cars
Comments Return all cars in the carpool
Expression SELECT Make, Model, ModelYear, LicenseNumber FROM SMS_R_Carpool
TargetClassName SMS_R_Carpool

You can then add a context menu item to have each result row start the Resource Explorer. The following registry file (.reg) adds the Service Info menu item to the SMS Tools menu. For more information on adding context menu items, see Implementing Context Menu Integration.



"Name"="Service Info"
"Description"="Use Resource Explorer to view service records"
"CommandLine"="mmc d:\\sms\\bin\\i386\\explore.msc /s /sms:resourceid=##SUB:ResourceID## /sms:connection=\\\\##SUB:__Server##\\##SUB:__Namespace##"

Note  Resource types other than system, user, and user group use 4D26C0D7-A8A8-11D1-9BD9-00C04FBBD480 as their GUID.